Initiatives to support women in leadership

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Many organizations have a special initiative to support women in leadership. ATB Financial’s “Elevate” program, Conexus Credit Union in Saskatchewan, goeasy Financial, and Cigna Healthcare are among the growing number of high performing companies that have women’s leadership initiatives. They recognize the important contributions that women make to their organizations and are creating opportunities for women to continue their development as leaders.

Many organizations are playing ‘catch up’ when it comes to gender. While research shows the benefits of having women in leadership roles, women are still significantly under-represented. For instance, research from Development Dimensions International (DDI) reveals that organizations who have at least 30% women in leadership roles are twelve times more likely to excel financially – further incentive to improve the numbers of women leaders.

When we delivered a webinar on Emotional Intelligence and Women’s Leadership for Training Magazine, we had 2,300 participants register! When I asked the organizer why she thought the number was so high she replied that we hit the ‘trifecta’ of most interesting development topics:

  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. Women, and
  3. Leadership

We recognized there was a need for this course in the marketplace and have developed a course specifically for women. The course will provide you with innovative tools, best practices in leadership and a concrete action plan to ensure sustainable development for your leadership journey.

As we complete our first year offering this course, the feedback has been exceptional. Comments we’ve received include, “I got valuable tools to make my life and work better” and “this course came at the right time for me, it was life-changing.”

Heart and Science of Leadership for Women is running in Calgary December 4, 5, 6, and we still have a few spots available. We would love for you to join us.

You can find more information and details here, as well as dates for early 2018.

Find out more

Please reach out to one of our fabulous facilitators – Jill Cory (jill [at] eitrainingcompany [dot] com) or Jill Jamison (jillj [at] eitrainingcompany [dot] com) to learn more or to have a conversation about the course and if it’s a fit for you. Please share with your network and invite other women who you know would benefit from this course.

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Coaching with emotional intelligence

EQ Coaching is the best way we’ve found for individuals to disrupt their lifetime of habits, behaviours, and beliefs. EQ Coaching is the best way we’ve found for people to do serious emotional intelligence skills development. 

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