EQ Competency Cards

Ten or so of the EITC competency cards are spread out to display their colourful imagery and engaging typography. The biggest card says "emotional intelligence competency cards."

The EQ Competency Cards are a brightly designed learning aid based on the EQ-i 2.0. They’re fun and engaging and easy to use. We’ve been using these in our work with clients for over a year.

So now we’ve made them officially available for purchase, and we’re happy to ship a deck, or five, to you and your team.

Our coaches and trainers use a variety of learning aids, and technologies in their classrooms, workshops and presentations. What we like about the EQ Competency Cards is how easy it is to incorporate them into games, group learning, interpersonal explorations, and solo study.

This deck of cards comes with four sections:

  • 4 introduction and model cards
  • 15 competency cards
  • 15 balance cards
  • 5 composite cards

People are using the deck to learn and practice with the model, deepen comprehension and aid memory. Folks who are getting certified, for example, have been getting this deck to use as memory and learning aids, but also to use with their teams and clients. And folks doing Heart and Science of Leadership have been using the deck to help deepen their personal understanding of the model of EI.

Now you can have a deck – check them out!

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