Rami Al-Kahi tells us about leadership, emotional intelligence, and Heart to Heart Consulting

Rami Al-Kahi stands in front of a room and gives a speech.

We celebrate EITC alumni, colleagues, and leaders who are championing leadership in their professional lives and promoting emotional intelligence in the world. The February Change Leader is Rami Al-Kahi.

Rami Al-Kahi is a recognized leader and motivator. He is a coach and the founder of Heart to Heart Consulting Firm also known as H2H. Rami is certified to use the EQ-i 2.0, and is an emotional intelligence coach who considers EQ to be the central pillar of business relationships. 

Which EQ composite are you a champion at?

Emotional self-awareness. This composite provides me all the information I need in order to understand and assess the situation I am in. It also helps me understand and assess what is going on around me. Whether it’s at the workplace or anywhere else – family dinner, friends reunion, sports locker room, and more.

How has the EQ certification/training impacted your professional life?

Not only did the EQ certification help me on a personal level to cope with the reality of owning your own business, but it also provided an amazing tool that brings a lot of values to my clients. 

What’s your definition of a leader?

A leader is someone that cares about the success and the well-being of others. A leader is someone that empowers and helps guide others towards their own growth. A leader is someone who holds you accountable to your commitments.

A leader is someone who always takes responsibility for the bad and gives credit to others for the good. A leader is someone who “walks the talk”, always!

How are you living out what it means to be a leader?

My role today is to help individuals and organizations reach their full potential through coaching and mentoring. 

Who is your favorite leader and why?

I look up to many leaders in my life. I have had the chance to be mentored by many of them in different periods of my life; here are some of the names I think of (and that I want to thank): Marc Breton, Simon Gagnon-Adam, Issam Seif el Islam, Raymond Ndjonok Tonye, Rafik Benhacine and Paul Al-Kahi. They were all able to help me, in different areas of my life, to grow as an individual.

Currently I am following the activity of Patrick Bet-David; he is a businessman that I look up to, especially since I started my consulting firm: “Heart to Heart”. I aspire to be like him in many different aspects of my life. 

What’s your superpower or secret skill?

My hyperactivity, emotional self-awareness and kindness.

Thank you Rami!

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