Kevork Guerguerian, EQ change leader, tells us about the power of coaching and optimism

Kevork Guerguerian is a Change Leader in healthcare settings.

Meet Kevork Guerguerian. As an Organizational Development Practitioner working in healthcare, he has over fifteen years of experience working with individuals, teams and organizations in facilitating learning, change and growth. Kevork is an EITC Change Leader. We asked him about coaching leadership and emotional intelligence

Which areas of the EQ model are you a champion at?

Interpersonal Skills – my ability to interact and get along well with others by developing trustful, meaningful and inspiring relationships.  In this realm of EQ truly enjoy seeing the world from another person’s perspective and having the capacity to tune in to someone else’s desires and wants in what they may be thinking and feeling in the moment. Becoming a life long learner has been an important part of my journey and feeling more confident to achieve the goals that I set out personally and professionally.  

How has the EQ-i 2.0 certification training impacted your professional life?

EQ Certification – provided me with a greater depth and wealth of knowledge in all EQ competencies and in their relationships with one another.  I can now coach and lead more effectively in the EQ-i 2.0 model and leverage these skills to become a more effective leader in my professional career.  

What’s your definition of a leader?

An individual who creates an optimally motivating environment for people to succeed. They lead with courage, empathy and develop trusting relationships and in turn their people feel valued, inspired and supported by their cause.

How are you living out what it means to be a leader? 

At the heart of the matter, I’ve taken many strides to lead with open communication; focus on people and the larger vision of the organization. I do my best to listen with intent, work collaboratively and remain objective and adaptive to new ideas and innovation.   

Who is your favourite leader and why?

Nelson Mandela – his lifelong journey to end apartheid. What inspired me most was his commitment to improve the lives of his people and applying the same message of freedom and equality to all nations.  His willingness and desire in the face of adversity speaks to his optimism and resiliency. 

What’s your superpower or secret skill?

Positivity – stay positive in the worst of times when everyone else has given into negativity. This superpower gives me hope and purpose when needed most and to lead to the highest level of accomplishment. 

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