Upcoming EQ Professionals’ Meetings

The sun falls down close to the horizon as seen as from an airplane window: Meet up and network

At the end of the first day of each certification course, we will be inviting all past course participants to come join us. We’ll be meeting up at the hotel lounge to learn about the latest news in EI/EQ development and meet some of the team members – we’ll be talking shop and discussing how to be more successful working with EQ tools.

It’s a chance to meet and network with folks doing cool work in a range of industries.

Join us in Toronto in August: 5:00PM, Aug 24th. We’ll be in the lounge of the Courtyard Marriott Downtown, 476 Yonge Street, Toronto.

Hope to see you there.

Update: you can subscribe and get a reminder of other professional meet-ups.

[map type=”address”]Courtyard Marriott Downtown, 476 Yonge Street, Toronto[/map]

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