National Emotional Intelligence curriculum, Botswana

Learning modules and the facilitator guide cover pages for the Ministry of Education in Botswana

In 2012 I was contacted by the Ministry of Education in Botswana regarding getting some of their employees certified to use the EQ-i 2.0. They first sent six employees to our Toronto certification course and then another six to the following certification course in Vancouver.

They loved the program and our business relationship continued. We were asked to submit a proposal to design and deliver a national emotional intelligence skills curriculum as part of assisting the country to achieve their Vision 2016 objectives.

Our team travelled to Botswana a number of times to learn more about the country, conduct a learning needs assessment and work closely with their team of education professionals.

In partnership with them, we designed a program and piloted the program with their facilitators through a train the trainer approach. During this phase we further customized the program to be culturally aware and appropriate and have a good fit for the prospective participants.

The program is four one week modules. We also created a facilitator’s guide and a PowerPoint presentation. In all, this project took two years, 800 surveys, 200 participants in interviews and focus groups and involved 25 facilitators. To our knowledge, this is the first emotional intelligence curriculum ever created, that is intended to be delivered nation-wide.

Finishing up this project was a highlight of 2015 for us. It was our honour and privilege working with the Ministry of Education in Botswana and I think it’s fair to say that we learned as much or more through our experiences working and living in Botswana.

Learning modules and the facilitator guide cover pages for the Ministry of Education in Botswana

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