2015: year in review

2015: the sun sets amidst a forest of snow and light

2015 was a year of wonderful projects and exciting new energy as well as having its disappointments. We had a new record number of certification course participants and remain the number one EQ-i 2.0/EQ 360 certification course provider in Canada and we added new faces and expertise to the EITC team.

The year began with a project that we had been working on for several months being canceled the night before we were to depart Canada – we had even checked in all the way through to our final destination. This project included a customized five day curriculum, an EQ 360 administration, a complex visa application process, the purchase of flights and accommodation. We can only assume this was connected to the death of a king, but we’ll never know the whole story.

We quickly put our disappointment aside and moved on to making the final edits on our Botswana project, which we had been working on for about two years. A highlight of 2015 was completing that project, which is the first emotional intelligence course intended for a whole nation.

The whole EITC team, including some wonderful volunteers, were busy marketing in April when we had exhibition booths at the Art of Women’s Leadership in Calgary, HR Institute of Alberta Conference in Edmonton, and the BC HR Management Association Conference in Vancouver. We met a lot of great people and handed out a lot of business cards.

In May I took nine flights in eight days to work with an international chemical company at their R&D centre in Delaware, a counseling therapy centre in Ventura, CA, and a nuclear power lobby group in Washington, DC, while Kim was busy back at the office coaching all participants over the telephone and some via skype.

In June, Kim and I conducted an executive retreat for an Alberta college which included EQ-i 2.0 administrations and coaching for the whole senior leadership team.

July was an exciting three day EITC strategic planning session where we all gathered in Calgary. The results of our meeting include: a new Customer Relationship Management System, a new leadership course, a review of existing offerings, and the addition of new cities to our 2016 certification course schedule, and a new excitement for our work together.

The rest of the Summer and Fall we were involved in such exciting projects as another two executive retreats with really interesting organizations – a long-term care facility and a creative products company. We were invited back to be part of the University of Alberta’s Academic Leadership Program for the 4th time, the size and scope of which was tripled from the previous three years and expanded to include operations managers as well as professors.

The year ended with a custom leadership program for a Saudi Arabian company, NATPET and our biggest certification enrolment of the year in Toronto.

Finally, on a personal note, this was a sad year for our family with the loss of my 23 year old son, Ben. The whole EITC team knew and loved Ben and we all grieve his loss together.

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