Meet the minds behind The Heart and Science of Leadership for Women

The Heart and Science of Women's Leadership

JC – Hi there, my name is Jill Cory.

JJ – And my name is Jill Jamieson and we are with the Emotional Intelligence Training Company. We want to tell you about a new course we are offering called The Heart and Science of Leadership for Women.

JC – I don’t know about you, Jill, but when I was progressing as a manager, there weren’t a lot of opportunities to develop my leadership skills. And the ones that were offered were lengthy and expensive or brief and just didn’t stick.

JJ – Right, I find that some leadership courses are so focused on learning technical skills for running organizations and others are too focused on personal development. What is unique about this course is our balanced approach between the personal and the technical, or as we call it ‘the heart and science of leadership’.

JC – Leadership skills are highly correlated with emotional intelligence. So we use the Emotional Quotient Inventory – a validated assessment tool – to take stock of your leadership skills. That’s the science. Each of you will take the online EQ-i assessment. Once completed, you will receive a comprehensive leadership report, and review your results with a coach – one of us!

JJ What we really love about this model is that the 15 EI competencies are tied in with 4 dimensions of transformational leadership: Authenticity, Coaching, Insight and Innovation.

JC – Another dimension of the course is the focus on women. We’ve been asked “Why focus on women and leadership?” Well we know women are more than their work – we juggle multiple roles and responsibilities at work, home and community while navigating our careers. At the same time, we strive to find work/life balance. Interesting challenge.

JJ – Exactly. That is why we designed this course for women to have conversations with each other, to build community. This course is packed with content, experiential and multi-media learning, where you learn more about emotionally intelligent leadership, develop your skills, and commit to your next steps.

JC This course is great for women at the front end of their leadership journey, mid-career leaders, women in transition, perhaps taking on new projects and responsibilities and senior leaders seeking new meaning and revitalization in their work, and looking for ways to share what they’ve learned.

The Heart and science of Women’s Leadership

Find out how you can get to the heart of leadership that matters, supported by the science of leadership effectiveness.

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JJ – Wherever you are on your journey, this course will help you find greater meaning and purpose in your work – and life! You will gain a deeper knowledge of your leadership strengths and challenges. You will find clarity to help you navigate your various roles and relationships, and finally, you will create a solid leadership development plan to help you achieve your goals. We will support your plan through follow-up coaching.

JC – So participants get an EQ-I 2.0 assessment, detailed leadership report, results review with a coach, a welcome dinner, a comprehensive workshop and a follow up coaching session?

JJ – That’s right. All you have to do is visit our website for details and registration We sure hope you’ll join us at the next course!

JC – “Indeed. All In, meaning each of us will need to consider what we require from the group in order to be fully engaged in the learning process. And perhaps, you’ll set aside some fears and nervousness about sharing and being a group member. We also need to consider what we have to offer. We are going to begin the course with a dinner on the first evening. We will get to know each other through a structured conversation, sharing some of our personal leadership journey. In the registration letter, we will let you know what to prepare for this dinner conversation.

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