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Emotional Intelligence and Leader Performance, webinar recap Webinar recording from June 19th.

Recap of the Leadership Performance and Emotional Intelligence webinar

Thanks everyone for joining us yesterday for our webinar hosted by David Cory.

In this webinar, David discusses how leadership is evolving and that we’re seeing workplaces shifting from compliance and dominance paradigms, to collaboration and partnership paradigms. These contemporary-future workplaces require emotional intelligence skill sets that are different from more traditional workplaces. 1

This was our first webinar using our new webinar tech, Zoom, so please accept our apologies. The polls we took didn’t get captured by the video and also there is a minute in the middle where David thinks the recording has stopped, but it hasn’t.

Here is the PDF of David’s slides. Leadership webinar 2017 06 19 emotional intelligence (PDF). In the meantime, here are some resources and introductory information about emotional intelligence and its measurement:

Upcoming webinar further exploring leadership

We’re going to return to the topic of leadership and emotional intelligence next month so that David can take us a little further into how we use emotional intelligence assessment to better understand and develop leadership competencies.

Webinars →

Webinar recording

Poll result on workplace paradigms, contemporary versus traditional

Our informal poll with 40 respondents yielded two clumpings, with the largest single group being a predominantly traditional workplace.

Poll results for how participants characterized their workplace

Same info as a pie chart; who doesn’t like an obligatory pie chart?

Pie chart: poll results for how participants characterized their workplace

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