Emotional Intelligence and Leader Performance: Authenticity, webinar recap

Webinar cover image about Leadership Dimension of Authenticity

Yesterday’s webinar on the Leadership Dimension of Authenticity was great and you’ll find the recording below. Thank you to everyone who joined us and asked questions and made good comments!

Authenticity is one of four dimensions in the Emotional Intelligence Leadership Model that we use. Authenticity is something many new leaders struggle with as they develop their leadership wisdom and capacities around vulnerability, emotional self-awareness, what to reveal, what not to share and how to manage their relationships.

Authenticity is also a dimension of leadership that more experienced leaders can struggle with, especially if they have developed leadership traits and capacities that are more enmeshed in leadership paradigms that centre authority, command, and compliance.

The most important emotional intelligence competency in the Authenticity Dimension of Leadership is Self-Actualization. Based on our poll yesterday, it looks like this might be a little surprising to people. We asked our attendees what they thought the three most important competencies are and these were our results:

chart of results of poll on the most important EI competencies in the Authenticity Leadership Dimension

Some interesting questions that came up during the question and answer at the end include:

  • can someone’s score be too high?
  • when leaders lack authenticity, what do the symptoms look like?
  • is oversharing, and lack of boundaries, evidence of “too much” authenticity?
  • Some leaders leak stress to the detriment of their teams – but what if they are “authentically” stressed out?

Upcoming webinars further exploring leadership

We’re going to return to the topic of leadership and emotional intelligence next month so that David can take us over the next leadership dimension in the leadership model: coaching. Make sure you take a look at our upcoming webinars and register for the ones that pique your interest!

Webinar recording

About this webinar recording

Authenticity is a bit of a business buzzword. What exactly is it? Why does it matter to leader performance? And what is the relationship with emotional intelligence? Find out more about a great definition of authenticity that works for leadership development, and to be better able to explain how and why authenticity is a key component of effective leadership in the 21st century.

The performance of leaders is a concern for all organizations as we transition from autocratic leadership to collaborative leadership. How can we be more intentional and supportive of this transition which requires different skills and competencies?

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