Making the leap: from independent contributor to people leader

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Individuals who are productive independent contributors don’t always have the emotional intelligence skills to be an effective leader. For many who are productive contributors, there are shifts that have to happen to be an effective people manager. Folks who find themselves transitioning into a larger leadership role need to prepare themselves and develop the skills so they can have a successful journey to being an effective and impactful people leader. But how? And how does this effect the way we do capacity building on our teams and in our organizations.

Recently David Cory held a webinar on this topic. He discusses what emotional intelligence is, why it matters, and how it can determine a successful transition from independent contributor to people leader. He reviews how some particular competencies, like Self-Regard, Assertiveness, Self-Expression, Empathy and Social Responsibility, all play a role. And he reflects on how the EI competencies that lead to being a strong individual contributor, like Independence, needs additional EI skills to balance them out effectively in people leaders.

Self-Regard and Self-Actualization can take a hit when new leaders make the leap to people manager and leader. This can happen during a transition into a new position that they don’t understand deeply and there are new opportunities for failure. Their technical proficiencies are often the basis for their self-regard, but they play less of a role in their new position.

Join David Cory, with the Emotional Intelligence Training Company, to discover how emotional intelligence (EI) can help prepare you for this move and, to make that move more successfully. You can watch the video recap here, download David’s slides, and you can also check out our schedule for upcoming webinars.

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