Self-Regard: the conundrum of women in leadership

Three women stand outside of the conference centre, having a good laugh.

Self-Regard is an emotional intelligence competency that is often touted as central to effective leadership. But how is self-regard shaped by cultural currents, social norms and the complicated lives and environments that women exist within?

Last week Jill Cory held a webinar on self-regard and women in leadership. Cory is one of the co-facilitators of Heart and Science of Leadership for Women and in this excellent webinar, she combines her anti-violence expertise to deliver a vision for how we can begin to move forward with women in leadership.

“The conundrum is how do we, as we move forward into 21st century leadership, begin to value the things that are often associated with being a girl or women, when historically those are the very things that have not been valued.” – Jill Cory

Cory poses this challenge and then gives us some of the conceptual tools we need to avoid getting stuck around it. Self-Regard is one of fifteen dimensions measured by the EQ-i 2.0 and as an emotional intelligence competency it’s often conflated with “how we see ourself.” Cory asks us to consider the way self-regard is a social construct which does not exist in a social vacuum.

Some of the key ideas in this webinar are:

  • how social norms and environement shape self-regard
  • rising discourse of affirmation
  • the problem with the dominant constructions of women’s self-regard
  • how to disambiguate “self” and “worth” in “self-worth”
  • how to move forward into leadership given historical valuations of women
  • too little or too much self-regard impacts emotional intelligence
  • how self-acceptance, self-improvement and resilience are shaped by culture
  • gender differences in Self-Regard, as measured by the EQ-i 2.0
  • how self-regard relates to other competencies, including social responsibility, interpersonal relationships, empathy and reality testing
  • gender differences in leadership

Enjoy this recording and don’t forget to sign up for a reminder of our next webinar.

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